Wargames emporium- A Netrunner tournament report

Some inaugural content for the blog and my first tournament write up. The GNK at wargames emporium on 09/01/16 will probably be my last before the NAPD most wanted list goes into effect so a chance to enjoy the wild untamed frontier of Netrunner. 4 rounds of swiss followed by a top 4 bracket. Not enough testing, sleep or breakfast, it wasn’t going to be easy.

The Decks

Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future

Agenda (12)
3x Project Atlas
2x Chronos Project
3x Firmware Updates
2x High-Risk Investment
2x Oaktown Renovation

Asset (13)
3x Jackson Howard •••
2x Daily Business Show  ••
2x Mark Yale
2x Capital Investors
1x Corporate Town
1x Contract Killer
2x Team Sponsorship  ••

Upgrade (3)
1x SanSan City Grid  •••
1x Ash 2X3ZB9CY  ••
1x Crisium Grid

Operation (5)
1x Beanstalk Royalties
3x Hedge Fund
1x Cerebral Static  ••

Barrier (7)
2x Changeling
2x Fire Wall
1x Meru Mati
2x Spiderweb

Code Gate (3)
2x Enigma
1x Wormhole

Sentry (6)
2x Archer
1x Grim
1x Susanoo-No-Mikoto  •••
1x Taurus
1x Tour Guide

In a last minute call this was the deck I took instead of Chronos Protocol, after the latter’s ice suite proved to be utterly useless due to being S4 in a world full of the Sunny breakers and Mimic/sucker. Apart from Argus, which I have never made work properly Titan is my favourite Weyland ID, while the Atlas counters and money hoard of Mark Yale could be leveraged towards kill, I decided to spend it on some big ICE with a sprinkling of fast advance. ICE suite wise, I liked having big sentries, but regretted not having more Tour Guides or some Ice Walls. What let me down the most is having maybe too many one offs, never being able to deploy my Wormhole or Ash. Star players were the assets, especially Team Sponsorship and Daily Business Show.

Who said working at a bank was dull?

Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar

Event (5)
3x Diesel
2x Career Fair ••

Hardware (8)
2x Akamatsu Mem Chip
1x Plascrete Carapace
3x Lockpick
2x Astrolabe

Resource (26)
1x Data Dealer  ••
1x Aesop’s Pawnshop
3x Armitage Codebusting
3x Scrubber  •••
3x Daily Casts
1x The Source  ••
1x John Masanori
1x Tri-maf Contact  •
3x Ghost Runner
1x Symmetrical Visage
3x Off-Campus Apartment  •••
2x Film Critic
3x Technical Writer

Icebreaker (7)
1x Corroder  ••
2x Dagger

2x Refractor
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1

Program (3)
3x Cloak

With the release of Technical Writer it seemed immediately obvious to me that I should play a Hayley deck. (or Noise, but screw that guy). It also seemed that it would be a stealth deck, with the low install cost of a large number of parts really filling up those technical writers. Since I would want A LOT of draw I went with an Off Campus approach and typically saw my entire deck. Economy being entirely resource based didn’t end up being too much of a problem but I could have used a bit more money. A couple of odd choices of associates for the student Hayley. Scrubbers were included because of that glorious 1 influence and I felt they were needed as before Christmas I hit a lot of asset heavy corps building huge boards with Team Sponsorship and Turtlebacks. Data Dealer? OK I’ll admit a little odd but this was a meta call against in particular News Team. One of the cards that didn’t deliver at all well was The Source, after being very useful in testing it ended up not showing up at the right time or against the right opponents.

With friends like these, in one turn Hayley should be able to take delivery of a ‘package’ from the local Trimaf, hit up the baby and run for little to no real money and trash something even if an agenda is not stolen, all while drawing from her console and her good friend John Masanori without clicks. Leaving just enough time in the day for Hayley to get to the revision I should be doing, or clear tags, whichever seems more urgent.

The  tournament.

As I usually play at patriot this tournament turned out to be mostly a new meta to me. Less information, but on the plus side, no people I ‘knew’ would wipe the floor with me. Also apologies to names I’ve forgotten. I didn’t have the foresight to do this report immediately after unlike other much better tournament reports-https://aclicklateandacreditshort.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/wargames-emporium-gnk-090116/

Round 1 –  Chronos Protocol and Leela Patel

Starting off the day against Jinteki, especially Chronos felt good in my head, since I wanted the hard thinking to be while I was most alert. I started off slow slamming down some resources and annoyingly clicking for credits, allowing him to score out 2 quick Houses of Knives over the first several turns. These were especially scary considering Chronos Protocol’s ability. At this point I had my rig set up but not enough stealth credits to run more than once a turn. I managed to sneak a Philotic Entanglement that had been left on the board with a Caprice for later damage. The end of the game was made easier by finding my Film Critics, allowing me to grab a future perfect and a Fetal AI without fear for the win.

Seeing Leela across the table made me wish for 2 Executive Boot Camps, clicks spend replacing things like a San-San or central ICE hurt, especially after he got his Gang Sign out. The game started out fine, he was struggling to see economy so I got my Capital Investors up to start churning out the cash, however an early attempt to score a Firmware Updates was foiled by an Inside Job, trashing my Cerebral Static. This was a recurring problem, never really building up more than one piece of ICE on most servers, leaving me vulnerable to Leela’s ability and Inside Jobs. What did it for me was every time I scored, my one ICE on R&D being bounced, 6 agenda points stolen from the open central.

Round 2 – Sunny Lebeau and Blue Sun

A bit shaken, I went into round 2. Sitting across from Sunny I was slightly hopeful that a fat 50 cards might slow him down. I started out reluctant to try and score, Icing up my centrals and getting an economy remote with Capital Investors. Later I took a risk and scored out a High-risk Investment and with a Team Sponsorship slotted in a San-San to my scoring remote. He wasn’t running very much so I was able to hold onto my money and not reveal how easily he could actually get into my servers. The next 3 turns were for the win with 2 Project Atlas scores. All aboard the Atlas train!

Going up against Blue Sun was going to be tough, large barriers are my weakness as Lady gets used up. A fairly standard set-up from him, early on using an Oversight AI on a Hadrian’s wall. I made a potentially poor decision to blow most of my money on a Lady and run to break the Hadrian’s wall and deny him the income. A few turns later, an Accelerated Diagnostics put some cards in archives and a Subliminal Messaging. I decided to run there to burn his Jackson and deny him his Subliminal Messaging. To my surprise I picked up an agenda, a Government Takeover! He had allowed me to take it, with 3 credits and 3 cards I saw my doom. So I just kicked back with some pounding techno, and waited for the Weyland enforcers to kick down the door to my student apartment.

Lunchtime came, and so I retreated for a performance enhancing beer.

Round 3 – SYNC and Noise

After lunch I came back and was drawn against Ed, a regular from patriot/the pub and the one who had inspired to to make some of my more questionable meta calls.

Round 3 I was not hopeful, NBN being a fast corp I would have to get a move on, not easy for Hayley who’s usually leaving it right to the deadline (I assume, she’s a student). The SYNC ID isn’t totally terrifying one extra credit to clear tags hurts but wasn’t the worst thing in the world. My deck being so resource heavy I wasn’t going to float tags so my strategy didn’t change too much.

After a slow set-up in which Ed managed to score a cheeky Project Beale I felt ready to run. after a couple of HQ runs I could see I was up against some kill so I went into extremely cautious mode. My Film Critic was an unfortunate victim of a Snatch and Grab, just because I pirated those movies doesn’t mean my critique is invalid. Later in the game running on the scoring remote through a Data Raven I was ready to score, but sadly it was a Quantum Predictive Model, bringing him to 3 points. This was followed up by a Casting Call on a Beale then double advance, clearly going for the 3 points. Without my Film Critic I needed 3 clicks and 9 credits after running to avoid death so I had to concede those points. Ed closed up in fantastic style with a face down card behind his Data Raven. I had to run in case it was an agenda and it was, another Quantum Predictive Model giving him the win. In the end John Masanori was more of a hindrance, making me scared of his tag if I failed a run and conserving even more clicks. At the very least Data Dealer worked out, selling a News Team for a juicy 9 credits.

Switching up I saw that I was against Noise (screw that guy), but joy of joys my Cerebral Static in hand. Feeling good after turn 1 with HQ and R&D iced I passed over. Wyld/pancakes coming out from Ed for a nice set-up, then a run on R&D. I didn’t want to go down to 0 credits so I let it through, what’s the worst that could happen. A High-risk Investment steal, that’s what. A 3 point agenda and my current trashed. From then on the mill was furious, but I fought back building up some money for a San-San and an Atlas score. But I was getting desperate, D4v1d an Clone Chip were making a mockery of my big ICE allowing some Medium digs for both my Chronos Projects. 5 points in the bin no cards in hand and I had only just kept him out. Jackson off the top deck saved me and an Archer over the scoring remote helped me have a plan. Unfortunately too little too late, I had to do 3 things to get back in the game, install Jackson, score a Firmware Updates for money and purge viruses to prevent a big medium dig. I popped out my Jackson and waited, but a big R&D run ended my hopes and dreams.

That punk kid needs a real job.

Round 4 – Adam and Haas-Bioroird :Engineering the Future

The last round and I could feel myself succumbing to the tilt. Going up against Adam I was a little worried, most of my ICE is one sub so he’d have an easy time getting into my servers especially early on. And that is exactly what happened with early R&D pressure, stealing a High-risk Investment allowing his Brain Chip to start going to work. Meanwhile I snuck out 2 Firmware Updates selling their counters to the hungriest man in the world Mark Yale. Using that money I was able to shore up my ICE and get my Team Sponsorships and Daily Business Shows up. At this point his economy was faltering, not helped by a Contract Killer shooting Kati Jones in the face. The Always be Running directive was really hurting him, wasting his clicks resulting in an entire turn to run HQ through my Enigma. This allowed me to score out an Oaktown Renovation and an Atlas to put me on 5 points to his 6 after an Archer rez. It came down to the last turn. A HQ run through my Enigma, accessing 2 cards, 2 of which were agendas, but luckily he saw neither. I closed up by scoring an Atlas off a San-San.

The final game of the day, up against core set HB, I was concerned. Another big ICE deck with strong econ. Although my icebreakers gave me some confidence, big threats like Ichi, and Turing go down fairly easy to the stealth breakers. I managed to get myself ready to run fairly early and ran into a very expensive remote to stop an early score. Viper, Enigma and Heimdall 1.0 were tough to crack but I got in and saw, an Adonis Campaign. However I had drained almost all his money. Unfortunately he was back in the money within a turn or two and I was forced to run again. A gruelling run to the bottom of the server and it was another Adonis and I was too poor to trash it. I spent a lot of time after that rebuilding my money, allowing him to score a Global Food Initiative and an NAPD Contract. A run on HQ got me a Utopia Shard before time was called. My last turn, a double advanced card in a remote with 5 pieces of ICE. Running straight away clicking through a Markus and a Heimdall and breaking a Turing, a Viper and an Enigma to steal a Global Food and tie up the game. A gruelling slog of a game revealed how hard it is for my deck to get through large barriers, in the end I accepted 4 brain damage from the Heimdall.


Even though I placed low it was fun to take out some original decks and play a lot of Netrunner. I’d consider running Titan again, with some tweaks, trying to get in more cheap ICE like Tour Guide or Ice Wall, and against Noise I felt like really wanted a blacklist. My Hayley on the other hand really needs a couple of Femmes for large ICE and the money to pay for that, how I’d do that is less apparent, especially with the NAPD most wanted list.