Road to the nationals – Building the army

With the nationals 3 weeks away it’s time to nail down the army list, and putting it up here will give me a chance to work through my general strategy for the tournament. So here it is.

Italian 132nd armoured division ‘Ariete’

1st Lieutenant (Regular) + bodyguard 85
Forward air observer (Regular) +bodyguard 85

Infantry squads
9 regular infantry 90
9 regular infantry 90
5 Paratroopers with SMGs and anti-tank grenades 95
5 Paratroopers with SMGs and anti-tank grenades 95
9 Cavalry 135

Sniper (Veteran) 65

Medium artillery (Regular) with spotter 85

L3/35 tankette with twin MMGs 70
L6/40 tank with flamethrower 105


The army’s core operating principle is to go hard and fast against infantry, while hiding and protecting its own. Since tanks are expensive, particularly ones that will duel other tanks  I’ve taken a calculated risk that I can avoid dealing with them. If it absolutely comes to it I have the air observer and the artillery.

Some of the units are slightly edgy calls, in particular the paratroopers, the units are quite small so vulnerable to damage but put out a fair bit in return. These units and other being fragile makes the army weak at assaulting an enemy, but hopefully I can use the Italians’ ability to re-roll who is attacker/defender to mitigate this. The sniper is a unit I didn’t particularly want to include, his damage is quite low but his potential to take out key officers at least promotes some fear in the opponent. In essence my sniper is a response to my friend who plays americans and his sniper, who constantly threatens my air observer so I have included a sniper mainly for counter sniping.

The shining star of the army is my flamethrower armed tank which is some ungodly machine of death, removing one infantry squad per turn if it is in range, it could also threaten a tank if pressed, so on a cramped map where it can hide from AT guns should do well. I have also included the cavalry because frankly they are hilarious, especially if you can time a charge well, and also they do well in objective based modes as they are some of the fastest units in the game.

So that’s the army really, on a map with heavy terrain I should be able to push high damage on small fronts and in a more open area I’ll sit back and let them advance into my guns. In a scenario where I have to attack on a broad front it will be much more difficult much like for the actual Italian army.

The next update on this front will be after the tournament, so wish me luck. Now to retreat to the painting table.




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