Not As Grumpy As He Looks 2017

So that’s 2016 over, and roughly one year of content for me too. Going into the new year there are plenty of things I want to improve about the site and my content.

The podcast has been going ok, but definitely needs more structure, and some more people on it to give Dave a break from my rambling. Also I would like to get some art and music for the show to make it feel a bit more professional.

February should hopefully see the debut of some LCG video content, primarily Game of Thrones and Netrunner. This seems like a better way to deliver blow by bow commentary on long intricate games than writtng.

There are also a lot of games I’m looking forward to playing in 2017 which have been on my radar for a while.

Statecraft: Coming to my attention through its kickstarter last year, this game of political manoeuvring has caught my eye. Maybe it will help me learn why politics is so depressing lately.

Tash Kalar: An abstract conflict game from Czech board game supremo Vlaada Chvatil, Tash Kalar has been out for a while but seems the right combination of complex and simple. Hearing that Dave is interested in it too has pushed me to pick it up for 2017.

The Cave:    This game about exploring caves has also been around for a while, but I want to try it out with some of my less serious boardgaming friends. This seems like a good fit for them, with a bit of risk/reward coupled to exploration.

Captain Sonar: A competitive, team based, real time submarine commanding game. Looks incredible if i can wrangle enough people together.

I may get through all, or none of these in 2017 but they have my attention. Also I’ll be going back to Bolt Action, taking a Romanian army through the fires of the student nationals. And I’ll be devoting plenty of time to all my usual LCGs. 2017 looks set to be packed full of table gaming.



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