Game of thrones store championship – Fanboy3

Store champs season is upon us, while i haven’t been able to attend as many as I liked I did get to the first half of the ‘Thrones Weekender’ in Manchester. I rocked up very tired off the train with my Greyjoy Kings of Winter deck and finished in a very respectable 9th place, although there were definitely places both my deck and play could have improved.

While I was there i recorded some of the games to later pass my critical eye over them and give some play by play commentary for the day, and the results of that labour can be found over on YouTube.


I’ll present a massive disclaimer that I am by no means a Game of Thrones expert but hopefully you can still get a chuckle out of me getting defeated onscreen, I’d also like to do future events with guest commentators to make them more entertaining. I’ll hopefully be following this up with content from other store champs both of the netrunner and game of thrones flavour so watch this space.

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