Bolt Action road to the nationals 2 – Ready for battle

The Student wargaming nationals are upon us and so is my Bulgarian army. The stakes have never been higher since I’m returning to defend my crown in a new edition with a new nation. So without further ado I’ll go straight into the list and try to explain some of my choices.

Army: Bulgaria – Occupation force theatre selector

1st Lieutenant +1 attendant (Regular) 85pts
Infantry squads:
Infantry section (Regular) 10 men with rifles 100pts
Infantry section (Regular) 8 men, 6 rifles 1 LMG 100pts
Infantry section (Regular) 8 men, 6 rifles 1 LMG 100pts
Mounted section (Veteran) 6 men 90pts
Sniper team (regular) 50pts

Field artillery:
Medium artillery (Regular) + spotter 85pts

PzIV G (Regular) 235pts (Axis vehicles in Bulgarian service)

Axis Support
PzIII G (Regular) 155pts

I chose Bulgaria for a few reasons, one was stinginess since a Romanian army would require an extra howitzer, and the other was restricting enemy outflankers and forward setup which is great in the Demolition mission.

The core of the army is its infantry squads, 2 smaller ones with LMGs to hold the line and get pins down on the enemy, with a larger rifle only squad to push forward and maybe make some cheeky charges. These infantry squads are all regulars since Bulgaria doesn’t have any veteran infantry but even so, I’ve spent far too much on toys as I usually do to afford substantial numbers of veteran infantry. In general though outside of America and Germany I don’t like veterans all that much as I can’t deck them out with assault rifles/BARs to really improve their firepower. In addition to the infantry squads are a small cavalry squad and a sniper. The cavalry are essential for missions like top secret and demolition, able to get to enemy objectives quickly and relatively intact. The sniper is mainly just to finish off points, he can harass officers, place sneaky pin markers and gives an extra order die to an army that is not flush with them.

In the heavy firepower department I included a medium howitzer, still the best bang for your buck in my option, terrifying to infantry of all kinds and a nice back up anti tank weapon. The effectiveness of this will largely depend on how good my rolls are so I expect much disappointment.
This finally brings me to the tanks, the ability to take 2 tanks was the main reason I eyed up both Romania and Bulgaria. Both vehicles have a healthy 2 MMGs allowing them so gradually move forward spitting out up to 4 pins. The PzIV is my main hitter, a medium tank so hopefully able to take a few knocks and sporting the fantastic tiger fear rule which should lock down a fair few units allowing the rest of my army to advance. The PzIII on the other hand was mainly chosen for its cheapness, 155 pts for the model G which makes it a light tank with a medium anti tank gun, as long as it avoids enemy attention it should do ok.

So, the army as a whole. Only 9 order dice is definitely fewer than is ideal and what little testing I’ve done has shown the army has a problem dealing with veteran infantry, while its own regular infantry suffer much worse attrition. I think against similar armies of regular infantry then the good number of pins it can get out along with the PzIVs tiger fear should paralyze a nice slice of the enemy, allowing my tanks to close on the enemy objectives. However against veteran troops, concentrating fire will be the aim of the game. If I can get some luck slightly above average I should make it through to the other side, so expect me to report I came dead last.