NAGATL Episode 6: Where did 2017 go?

Sorry to all of you for being away for so long, but with almost a year between episodes it does mean we’ve played a lot of games. But we have also accumulated a lot of nonsense to talk about.

Somehow the first 10 minutes is about Robot Wars and Bake off, but in the rest of the show we discuss:

Colt Express
The Expanse
Captain Sonar
7 Wonders Duel
Specter Ops

So much Warhammer, including this incredible video:

And of course your wonderful questions.


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NAGATL Episode 5: Oh God it’s 2017

Dave and I return to bring you unfocused board game chat. This week covering our Ireland adventures as well as some games we’ve been playing a bit closer to home.

Games covered:
Deep Sea Adventure
Codenames Pictures
Eldritch Horror
Arctic Scavengers
Dead of Winter

Check out the Assassin’s Kittens

Some Terminal Directive Spoilers


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NAGATL Episode 4 Fantastic bants and where to find them

After a while in the editing bay Dave and I return to ramble on about the games we’ve been taking an interest in. Some Netrunner tournament action and where we’re at with Duelyst. As well as high hopes for the re release of Blood Bowl. And as usual questions from the lovely audience.




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Not as Grumpy as They Look -The one where we get distracted

The podcast is back and so is @megaslippers. This week when we can be wrenched away from talking about LCGs we’ll be reminiscing about party games we played a week ago, looking at good and bad parts of deck building games, and ogling some nice warhammer models that just got announced. And as always we end with some questions from the community

Check out Richard Hammond’s Charity Gift over here:
Bidding closes on Monday 31st at 9pm

Featured games/products

The Resistance
Burning of Prospero
Xwing miniatures wave 9
Magnus the Red model
Arctic Scavengers
New Angeles
Specter ops
Cutthroat Caverns

Not as Grumpy as They Look – The difficult 2nd album.

Hi everybody my extremely unfocused podcast returns for a 2nd outing, this time with friend of the show Stavrina. A light week on the what have we been playing front, but we’ve got some news hot off the presses and questions from the community.


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Not as grumpy as they look pilot – The whiskey incident

Sometimes, writing isn’t the best way to get across my random nebulous thoughts on games and why they’re great or awful. So I’ve enlisted podcast veteran Dave Megaslippers to go on a drunken journey through what we’ve been playing, as well as some Bolt Action news and questions from the community.


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